You are what you don’t sh*t out

WgwebsiteThe sixties icon and tie dyed in the wool hippie Wavy Gravy reformulated the phrase, "you are what you eat" to "you are what you don't sh*t out".  Think about it.  I have, especially when it comes to media consumption in our lives.

Television: The latest statistics I can recall reveal that approxiamately 98% of all U.S. homes has at least one television.  96% of all American homes, a whopping two percentage points LESS, has indoor plumbing.  It might be the first time in our history when we have more crap coming into the home than we do going out!

But don't fret. Currently only 52% of Americans consider a TV to be a necessity according to a poll by the Pew Research Center. This is the lowest figure since the poll began in 1973.  It's good to know we are finally catching on to the pervading influence of television in our lives and beginning to turn to other available influences like:

Online Auctions
Digital Downloads
Online gaming
Cell Phones
Instant Messaging
World Wide Web
Wireless Communication
Portable Entertainment
Global Positioning
Video Sharing
Streaming Video
Text Messaging
Social Networking

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