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Kg2 Today I had the honor of witnessing the Teacher of the Year ceremony at Denver Academy. It was particularly poignant since the award is now named in honor of a long time Denver Academy teacher and one of my all-time best friends, Kevin Gregier. He passed away last November (2008) from cancer at the age of 64.  I miss him every day.

The afternoon summed up so well the wonder of Kevin Gregier as a teacher and the magic of Denver Academy as a place for learning.  Wonder and magic together provide enchanting elixirs to enliven our educational quandaries:

•Learning that is centered more on the varied needs of the student than in the confines of a curriculum.

•Teaching that is liberated so educators can bring their own whimsy to their subject matter.

•A commaraderie that goes beyond selfishness, looks to the betterment of everyone, and exhibits a genuine joy to be in the company of each other.

•An awareness of a spiritual transcendence that resides not only in the hearts and minds of students but is embedded in the very nature of education itself.

•Leadership that realizes life is messy and in a constant state of flux. They are not afraid to take a risk for the sake of the contemporary student or for the enhancement of a teacher's well-being.

•An extended community of parents who take an active role in sparking the perpetual potential of every child they come in contact with.

Thank you Denver Academy and all the places like you who provide an educational environment where wonder is taught and magic happens everyday.

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4 comments on “Magic happens
  1. Thanks Jeff for your kind and supportive words.

    • Sandra says:

      It was not published because first time cotrnemems have to have them manually approved through me to make sure you are not spam! 🙂 You can join by a) starting a blog b) taking a picture a week & 3) linking me weekly. Let me know when you are set![]

    • So sorry to hear about the loss of your job!!! Hoping this is somehow the beginning of a great new chapter for you. Stinks all the same. Saw your I heart faces tutorial and can't wait to check it out further. Love theses captures you have here. Hoping you get some quick blessings of a job just as fulfilling, if not better than the last!

    • it was perfectly normal to be feeling those aches and pains – even that early, and that he would worry if i didn’t!! It may also be the way you are sleeping that is contributing to it as well. I know that my mattress was perfectly comfortable until i became pregnant – i found the mattress unbearable so we went out and bought a new one. Back pain is still around but its not as severe – i attribute that to a firmer mattress!!Good luck to you and baby! 🙂

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