Populist rage

Though most people seem to be down in the dumps, there doesn't seem to be any overt signs of populist rage.  Even with the deflation of previously revered instutions (A.I.G.), there hasn't been any pummeling of fists in the air over the greed or any mass demonstrations of protest against perceived wrongs.

Maybe were just too doggone tired.  Or, and here is the sad part, we don't have enough shared sentiments with people in our immediate area to make some real noise.  If the anger that is simmering below the surface remains corralled to the internet, it will never really erupt to a point that anyone will take notice.

We are so privatized with our technology that we are less and less aware of one another's behavior in the public arena.  We are so narrowly niched through our high-tech informational tools that we are literally just missing one another…effective, angry protest that makes a difference must be done in a unified voice.

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